Written Pet Memorial

written pet memorialWritten Tribute
A written pet memorial can take just about any form: A poem to or about your pet, a letter to your pet, an account of your pet’s life, or anything else that seems an effective way of expressing your feelings and memories. This could also be done as a family project, with each member contributing their own materials, which can then be assembled in a single volume that can be shared by all. With today’s printing technologies, you can even extend this option by having an actual bound book printed that includes both written tributes and photos. The easiest way to do this is to prepare the written tributes on a computer and print them off in the desired.

Have your favorite photos scanned.
You can then create a simple layout of text and artwork using a basic word-processing program or print out the photos and text and assemble them by hand. Your book can then be reproduced and “bound” at your local print or copy shop. This will cost a few dollars, but is a nice way to make copies for family members.

A word of warning about written pet memorials, however: While this is a wonderful way to work through your grief and memorialize your pet, don’t expect anyone outside your circle of family and friends to be seriously interested in what you’ve written. Don’t be tempted, for example, to fire off the life story of your pet to your favorite pet magazine. Pet magazines receive hundreds of this type of submission every year, and are unable to use them.No matter how wonderful and special your pet was to you, and how great of a written pet memorial you’ve created, that doesn’t mean his/her life story is “publishable” unless it was somehow truly unique! Tribute Online.

A number of sites offer this as a free service for a written pet memorial; you’ll find some of those listings in our links section. Because so many sites do offer this service at no cost, I do not recommend paying for this service unless you feel that the site is sponsored by a worthy organization and your fee will directly contribute to that organization. Many sites also let you post a picture of your pet with the written pet memorial.


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