Helping Your Child Cope

It’s very hard to imagine not having  a close friend around any more

That’s what I want to talk to you about.  You might have noticed how  he  might have been acting differently the last few months.  Usually he is very active and  happy to see you and for some time he has not been feeling well.  The truth, the vet told me that he was  not going to get any better   Only sicker and suffer.  The only way to help him is, to put him to sleep so that he doesn’t feel the pain and suffer.

Now you understand,  I am here any time you need to talk about him.  We are both going to miss him very much.  When you are feeling sad about him, maybe try to think of all the fun you had with him.  Try to picture it in your mind and smile when you think of all the happiness you had with him.  I know I will remember him always.


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