I have always felt  that my greatest gift to my friends was to choose to  put them out of the way of hurt and pain.  My last dog I felt a bump on his neck after a long treatment to get better, he had mange.  Got that all cleared up with the help of a couple vets.  Then one morning I felt a bump under his chin.   I felt sad but made the decision to put him down should it be cancer,  like I thought.  Four months later, my cat or should I say Tucker’s, who I had just put down, took him in to the vets the next morning and before I got there, new he wasn’t coming home with me either.  Schooner, the cat, had almost given me 20 yrs. and was relatively healthy for most of his life.     My animals will give me all the love they have in there bodies but once the body is not healthy they need me to make the hard decisions. It’s up to me to be as loyal to them as they were to me and let them go.


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