Rescue Missions

Many natural disasters like earthquakes and floods can result in a lot of people being trapped under debris of collapsed buildings. Certain terrorist attacks like the 9/11 incident also had thousands of people caught under collapsed debris. Here again, the dog’s ability to pickup human scent is used to locate people trapped under building remains. Apart from their sense of smell, dogs truly have an emotional bond with humans. They have a natural tendency to help people in distress. This can prove extremely helpful in life and death situations. There are numerous instances in which dogs have risked their own lives to save people in distress.
Almost 100 dogs were used in the search and rescue mission following the 9/11 attacks in 2001. Most of these dogs along with their handlers stayed on the site for almost ten days searching for people under the collapsed towers who might still be trapped alive. Although the dogs were trained to rescue people alive, they had to deal with finding dead bodies most of the time. It is reported that the dogs offered a great deal of comfort to the rescue team which had to work under a stressful and grim situation.
Most families with dogs as pets already know how loving these animals can be. But in situations like these, their intrinsic qualities of love, bravery and compassion come across much more powerfully.


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