I’m taking over

Well, been a few days since my human pet wrote to tell you things about me,  my friends and everyone I don’t know yet.

My name is Sydneyru, most just call me ru.  Yes I’m a dog, guilty as charged.  I’m sneaking on here to talk about things that me and my friends like, love and not so happy about.  Like, lets see the vets, having our teeth brushed or those nasty shots our human pets think we need to stay well.  There are other things we could live without but, we don’t have to pay the bills, so I guess we don’t have any say, and they are bigger.

We love to play and be made of, like the world would end were we not there to keep things together.  Like,  you know the time we need to eat, time to go out and even time to hit the hay or maybe we are like my bud Joey.  He never knows when he’s going to get fed but he is positive that it will be sometime that day.  His human doesn’t even let him rest although she does know he’s getting older and has actually slowed down a little bit.

Let me tell you about my friend, Joey.  He and I were pups when our humans met, we were about between 3-6 months old when our  pets met.  His mom was walking buy my house in Portland and my mom saw him.  Out the door she ran hollering that she wanted to see this other one like me.  We were still babies and you would have thought those human pets really lost it.  Joey, of course was eating it up in his leathers.  His mom had a leather jacket and hat on him  and he was just strutting it down the street.  They still come over once in awhile, Joey has the same routine when he and his pet get here.  He’ll hand out kisses, I even get one and then he hits my moms lap for a little lovin then he’s off to check out the house to see if mom moved anything.  He used to look for my brother Schooner but he was put down, mom says.  All I know is, she left with him and when she came home it was just her.  Have to be honest about it though… 🙂

I’m getting a little sleepy and mom’s done working on her office so sorry and I’ll be sure to finish this.  Didn’t mean to leave you in a mid sentence.  At least you can say you got something to read today.


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