Hey there, it’s Syd again

Well, told you about my friend Joey yesterday, and although I would love to finish I just can’t remember where I was going with that.   I slept good last night.  Mom doesn’t hog the bed and is vary careful to not hit me in the night.  Of course, I take up much more room than what someone of my size needs.  I stretch out sideways on the bed and if she’s lucky, I don’t fall asleep on top of the covers or she freezes, sometimes she just gets another blanket for herself.  Guess you might say, “have it quite made”.

Think I will tell you a little bit about my brother, not the cat but I had a brother who had four legs just like me who was real good.  Don’t know if he was real good or just too lazy to move anywhere.  Mom  says he didn’t even play as a baby.  He was sure stuck to mom’s hip.  I thought it was kinda sissy like but him and mom seemed to like it.  He was sick for a real long time, mom tried to fix him and did for awhile but then there was a bump on his throat and I guess it was real bad cuz she didn’t come home with him either.  I miss him sometimes though.  He didn’t play with me, just the cat but he sure waited for me when we went out and he never left me alone.  So, I always felt safe.  I was the only one that knew he didn’t like to move more than he had to.   You know, one of these days I’m going to get caught doing this.  Maybe mom will be happy, cuz she doesn’t have to do it.  Sometimes maybe she’ll come on here with what she thinks is important.   🙂 Meanwhile, I do the talking about my friends and sisters.   I had two more but they live in Portland with my other mom.  So until tomorrow I’ll close.  If you have some like me that your living with, give them a hug every day, some of us don’t get any Tender Lovin Care.  Speaking of my brothers, that’s them in the picture,  We had just moved to Portland.  Schooner was about 9 and Tucker was about 6 mos.  Mom found him,  I guess in a pet place and although she is very much against them, he was sick and that’s all she needed to know.  Again, luv all your puppies and kitties.  Remember if you would like to mention them with a writing or something Mom would be very willing to post a tribute.  A photo would be great too.


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