Remembering Schooner

Schooner’s Pet Memorial

Schooner resting after a long mouse hunt

Schooner was a pure black cat who must have had Siamese in him with the way he talked.  He loved to be brushed and pampered and made to look his best.  He would follow me to the mailbox and back just about every day, sorta like he was a dog.   Of course he was brought up with  at least four dogs and non of them ever walked me anywhere I needed to go.   While he was with me we lived in three different places and I never paid attention to the fact that he was getting old or older.  It wasn’t until I took him to the vets one day as he was always thirsty and they looked it up for me.  He was in fact, 17.  I could count the places where we had lived but I guess I didn’t think I stayed in one place that long.  I had to put Tucker, his best friend down.  Schooner was the only friend Tucker would play with.  When I had to put Tucker down, about four months later I noticed Schooner didn’t jump up in bed like he’d always done. I took him to the vet, I knew he wouldn’t be coming home with me, at least physically. He’ll always be in my heart. Schooner’s pet memorial is dedicated to all pet owners that have lost their kids.


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