Sorry It’s been a couple of days

Yup, like I said been a couple of days.  Mom’s been sick with the darned ole headache she gets so often and I’ve just been itching all over.  Mom gave me my least favorite thing besides the docs, a bath but at the end I really like it, just don’t let on.  She wraps me in a towel and holds me nice and tight.  Almost like I’m going to get away and terrorize the house, which I generally do.  I think she was told by my doctor that she needed to wait two days before she put Advantix on me so it will work.  I don’t think I have fleas but it’s a good way to weed out a problem.  If it doesn’t work, you know I will be doing the doctor stuff after.  So anyway, I was telling you about my friends and family.  We moved when I was young but not so young that I didn’t get the chance to love my sisters.

Crystal, was a beautiful girl, she looked like a Collie but was small.  The smallest one in her litter.  Clair and her partner named her,  I think I heard.  Mom used to go visit them up in Lewiston.  I guess she lived there many years ago.  When probably her Mother wasn’t even thought of.  I saw her for a couple months but she had kidney failure and just like the others…Mom left with her and came home alone.  Actually my other mother was with her.  So we were all sad together.  I didn’t even know why we were sad but I did get extra special lovin. 🙂  The only things I know about Crystal,  is what I heard.  I guess mom used to go take care of peoples yards for them and Crystal would run behind her.  I guess sorta like mom was a sheep and Crystal would herd her.  At least she never came close to cars and being hit.  Mom would take her everywhere.  Out for coffee at the Deli with a couple of mom’s buddies or to another place where I guess they had fantastic blueberry pancakes, I think they called that the  Galley.  My mom would make friends where ever she went, and if they ever needed anything,  they knew who to talk to but most of the time they didn’t need to ask, she ‘d already be helping.  Well sorry to cut this short but need to start the day and figure out what I’m going to pretend I don’t know how to do. hehe  Have a great day and I promise I will see you tomorrow!


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