This is Sam

Dog Stories

Hi Sydney the dog here, I hope to be the first dog to blog.  My pet human, mom, is away and I hope to share some great dog stories while she is not looking!  First, this picture is Sam.  She was a happy gal from what I hear.  Before me, Mom had Crystal, kinda doing this dog stories thing backwards but I figure you get the info when I remember what I’ve heard.  Just the other day Mom went though her photos trying to get them all in one place.  Thank God, I wouldn’t have known what to do.

Like I was saying, this is Sam, or Samantha Jean when she was being a pill.  She loved everyone!  It started after my mom talked her mom into letting her live with us.   Crystal who mom had before me, had a sister.  She already had a brother but couldn’t necessarily do girl talk with a brother!

I heard Crystal say before she stayed at the vets that she wished she had been as carefree as Sam.  Sam would try to get out whenever the door would open and just take off.  She had in mind who she was going to see.  After a few hours, mom would get a call and Sam would be off playing with some other human kids.   Off mom would go and fetch her.  That is Samantha Jean in a nutshell, carefree wanting to explore and meet new pet humans.

According to Mom’s dog stories, Sam and her were great buddies.  I guess Mom used to hold Sam in front of her, up against her chest, upside down, just like she would play with a human baby.    I would think that the blood would rush to her head and she would wiggle to get free,  but evidently that never happened.  It’s kinda strange, funny that people like me, trust mom knowing nothing will hurt us when we are with her.  She’s a very good human pet to have. Told you I was lucky.

Chances are these dog stories are going to get longer and better.  The more I hear the more I write.  Oh yea, still haven’t gotten caught!  More dog stories to come soon!


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