My Best Friend

Arminius’ Pet Memorial

by Julie Ingersoll, Guest Blogger

Arminius was my very best friend.  He and I moved all around the country together; just the two of us.   He was a very handsome miniature schnauzer, this picture was taken in Alaska. (he liked to travel).

Arminius was sick for most of his life until I found out he had serious pet food allergy.  Turns out he couldn’t digest protein (it’s not as rare as you think, in fact there is a special baby formula for humans with that problem).  The upside of his ongoing health issues was that I became an expert in ailments to which  this breed is prone, leading to Arminius’ wonderful legacy.

When he died at fifteen years of age, I found that a written pet memorial wasn’t enough. I wanted a living memorial filled with action.  I couldn’t bear an empty house but was not ready to bond with another dog.  My mom told me about pet rescue groups.  I found Schnauzer Love Rescue and have been doing foster care in Arnimius’ name as a pet memorial for nearly a decade.  SLR is a wonderful group that spans from South Florida to Tennessee and to Alabama.  I recommend a living pet memorial through pet rescue groups for anyone who is grieving the loss of their loved pet.  Check out the

website to see lots of “happy tails”

Schnauzer Love Rescue or write out

Julie Ingersoll


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