Another Beautiful Day

Pet Story

Hi Sydney the dog here, I’m really starting to like my life as a dog blogger and have a new pet story for my readers today. Yesterday my buddy came over to see me again, his name is Joey. I like that my mom makes play dates for me. This time the little bum was being a real pill. When they arrived it was hugs as usual with our human pets. Then with all the nerve, he jumped up on my mom’s lap and the little bum didn’t move. I take that back, he still looked for Schooner but not for as long. He misses Schooner I think he was the only dog my mom trusted with Schooner back in the day.

In this pet story you’ll find Joey is the type if dog that absolutely hates Motorcycles. I swear when riding down the road, he sees a bike and tries to leap through the window. He would love to be free to run wild, I swear he thinks he’s invincible. It would be now you see me, now you don’t. He thinks he could take on the world because everyone thinks he is so darned handsome.

Mom made sure even the outside door was locked when he came over. She just put a new outside door on and there isn’t a screen door yet. So last night Mom and Joeys pet human, Mary were careful. I really think they held their breath when there was space enough for him to escape.

Back to the pet story. Last summer he got out and if it wasn’t for Joey’s lead and harness being caught on something underneath a house, Mary would have lost him. I know I always sound like Joey gets my Mom when they are here but that’s not really a problem because I get his human pet, Mary. She’s known me all my life. I trust her and know if “anything” ever happened to my pet human or his, we would both be safe and well taken care of. Well, I think that’s enough pet story out of me this morning. Have a WONDERFUL day to all my human pet readers!

My life Long friend

My Life Long Friend

Pet Story : My best friend Joey


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