Looking For a Different Avenue To Exsplore

Dog Tales

Hi Sydney the dog here, I’m starting to get the hang of dog blogging and starting to attract human readers to my dog tales. Well, the last days of November has hit with warm air. According to the news we ought to get more cold instead of it warming up. I don’t mind the cold, but mom absolutely hates Maine. Not the people though she is undecided about leaving for warmer weather. I guess it’s a tough decision for her, me I just go where she goes so the decision is out of my paws. Come to think of it, people like me are well taken care of, and have a pretty easy life.

I was full of it this morning as most of my dog tales go. I wanted to play and wouldn’t let mom rest until she got down on the floor and chased me around the living room. In and out of the furniture, under the couch and coffee table. Not such a good place to hide like I thought. I was like a bear laying on it’s back with a glass top so she can see me. Didn’t realize that at first but it was great fun anyway.

We will have more space to play once she finishes her office. I’m sure the construction zone will provide many good dog tales. We will lose one room of furniture when it goes in to the front room. Mom painted it a sage green with light grey trim. She took the door off the closet, and the door off that separates it, from living room. She plans to make the closet into a bookshelf. It will contain as much mess as she can tolerate. I’ll eventually find a way to let her know, it would be a very nice place to put a bed or to move Joey’s chair (which I’m laying on). I love that chair. It’s so comfortable and I keep it occupied until Joey’s pet human, Mary comes along.

Mom sits in it only when she knows that it’s okay for her to fall asleep. That’s when I begin to write my dog tales. Today after we got done playing, she was on the computer with Brenda and fell asleep. I guess Brenda was working on her press pelease for her Website. I don’t think she knew mom died, funny as it seemed but tomorrow she will have a huge apology going Brenda’s way. I hope Brenda doesn’t catch me online writing dog tales when mom is sleeping! I’m pretty sneaky though.

When Tina lived with us for a little while, Mom would be on her hands and knees washing the floor and would fall asleep. That was very disturbing. What if I was the only one home and a fire started? That would make for some good dog tales to tell my friends. See where my dog mind goes? I suppose you are thinking, but her brother was alive to save everyone. Yea, you’re right. Remember, I told you he was lazy? He needed some incentive to move. Maybe fire would be enough incentive, but I’m not counting on it.

It’s past my human pets time to go to asleep, so these dog tales must come to an end. I sure hope Tuesday gets here soon. That’s when they come to finish the carpeting. I love the feel of new carpet on my furry paws. Oh yea, for you pet owners, new carpet has formaldehyde in it and should be washed as soon as possible if you have pets. It can be very harmful if you or your pet is allergic. I guess that’s what Mom calls FYI . Mom must have thought about that as she bought a carpet cleaner right after it’s laid.

Goodnight my human friends, look for more dog tales to come.

I blend in with the chair, can you Sydneyru?  Hint, I need a hairdoo


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