This Will Be A “Real” About Us Page

The real about us page.

Dog Blogging

Hi Sydney the dog here. The classes my mom is taking mention different ideas for blog pages. I’ve come clean about my dog blogging with mom. Yea, I got caught dog blogging several weeks ago. So here is my human pet and her human perspective. Today she asked me if she could be a human guest blogger. I can’t believe she asked if I would mind letting a human write. I would like to introduce you to my human pet, or as I call her mom.

About Me: Hello, my name is Jo E MacDonald, I live a quiet life that consists of me going to Planet Fitness, running a pet memorial website, , remodeling my house and taking care of my pets. My dog Syndney has been dog blogging for weeks now . She learned that blogging is a good way to promote my website and decided to help with the marketing end of it. I created the website as a way to make money so that I no longer will receive or be eligible for Social Security. In 1987 I was riding my bike and I had a head on, collision. A man crossed onto my side of the road out in Tucson, Arizona. I spent the next eighteen years either in a hospital or rehabilitation. My folks came from Maine, where I now live, to take care of legal stuff. I was still asleep and stayed that way for a long time. My Mom moved out there until I was released from my second hospital and about 6 months later and we flew to Maine. I entered a rehab here and have been gaining knowledge everyday! I’m grateful that Brenda from PMI took me under her wing, has been patient with me and if she gets tired of repeating herself, never lets on.

Sydney has been giving you a dog’s perspective with her dog blogging over the weeks and I appreciate her help in the blogging process. I’ve been quite busy. As I write this I wonder why I wish there were more hours in a day and more days in a week. Why are there not enough hours in the day. I Just thought about that statement, walked out in the kitchen and realized just where all my time has went. I remodeled the whole inside of my house. Added another fan in the front bedroom. Took doors off the closet in the front room, painted everything from ceiling down to floors. Next I put a new deck , built a shed or replaced the outside with T 1-11, replaced the carpeting and finally in my room put washboards on the bottom half with a rail and painted the top. Oh, yea. My father put a front door on it for me just like his. Guess I should be settled for now. Now down to the real work, marketing my website!

Now about my little buddy, Sydneyru.  She is 11 and is VERY bossy to me.  Imagine that!  I think it’s because she knows she can get away with it.  She pretty much doesn’t have any rules to go by.  Minds pretty well but has an alarm clock in her belly of  when it’s time to eat.  She used to take advantage of my lack of a memory.  She would pretend she hadn’t been fed until I noticed she was gaining weight.  Other than that she’s a very good pet to have.  I know she considers me her pet.


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