Another Day Closer To Mom’s Carpet Being Laid

Dogs Funny Tales

Hi Sydney here again, my pet human just finished her office. Time for some more dogs funny tales. I don’t really know why that should be such a bonus for me. It’s her office room but soon to be turned into my play area. Maybe that’s why I’m so excited. Can’t wait to get my paws busy in there. I can raise cain while she’s busy taken care of our lively hood.

From a dog’s perspective you would be surprised at how much we get away with while your supposedly trying to make a point. One thing is for sure, dog’s like me, don’t know many words. It’s no wonder we look at you pet humans like your stupid. If you were to just use one word it would make life so much simplier for us dogs. Like “sit”, not, “sit here on the carpeted floor pup”.

I can tell some good dogs funny tales. This one absolutely puts me in stitches, it’s how I handle my Grandparents visits. My Grandfather doesn’t like dogs should listen to him. Here’s a clue we as dogs know if you don’t like us. Why would I want to listen to someone who doesn’t even like me? Go figure that one!
My grandmother is pretty cool and knows how much animals mean to my human pet. She just pretends to like me for her daughter’s sake. They are not here that much but I always have a little fun when they are. My grandfather is allergic to my fur, so when I want the visit to end, I come out of my bedroom (crate with no door) and just hang with all the human pets . Soon they become all filled up and can’t breath.

Do you like this dogs funny tales? Some would think that is a little devious, but I’m just having a little fun.


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