Summer or Winter?

Outside it can’t decide which season it wants to be.

Submit Your Pet Memorial to be Published

Hi Sydney the dog here, Submit your pet memorial to be published by emailing Yesterday, mom got a request to submit your pet memorial to be published from her cousin who had a dog Arminius. I know she felt happy that she was able to do something for her cousin. Who knows maybe it will lead others sending her pet memorials I can post on my dog blog. It’s good for humans to write out of respect and love for the pets they’ve lost. Dogs, cats, horses anything really. If they had a special place in a humans heart, I think it needs to be said. Of course, I want to be remembered by all of you. Maybe something to the fact of…To the best dog author on the internet. Do you think that it’s too awful much? Getting kind of grandiose aren’t I?

I know my “pet human” mom is screwed up. She puts on my winter coat so sometimes I’ll go out to do my stuff and come inside because it’s too darn hot! I guess I would rather be too hot than too cold.

Today my mom got this idea in her head this morning to start doing Yoga. That will be a treat for me. She has the balance of a football , she laughs at herself everytime she falls over! I don’t think I have a very serious human pet.

I just really believe that I love my human pet. Hopefully she feels the same way and I’m just putting on paper what is in my heart. I don’t think anyone that is not an animal lover will even read this so I say pour out your hearts! Just like the obituaries that people pay to have deaths of humans put in and heck, this is free! Submit your pet memorial to be published by emailing .


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