What Are BedBugs

what are bedbugsWhat are Bedbugs

What are bedbugs……. a Dog’s Perspective.
Hi Sydney the dog here. I don’t know how many times my “pet human” mom, talks to me and I just pretend I’m listening. Today I had an itch behind my ear and she instantly searched Google for the phrase, what are bedbugs. So what are bedbugs I thought to myself.

What are bedbugs?
Come to find out most my buddies call them fleas. Their real name is Cimicidae. These insects think they have the right to free rent and board where ever they decide to land their bed bug butts! Bed bugs are hematophagous. That just means they are blood suckers and they feed on humans when something else is not available. Like me. They feed for five to ten minutes and every 1-2 weeks. Unfortunately, beg bugs can go a year without feeding. No wonder they are hard to get rid of! Actually there are over

The longer she searched the phrase what are bedbugs, the more she started feeling itchy. She did find a book online that answered all her questions concerning what are bedbugs and how does one get rid of them, it’s called “How to protect your pet from Fleas” . She was surprised to find out how many different types of bed bugs there are. There all the different types of strategies there are for removal including natural methods. After a bit of time went by she stopped scratching and leafing through her notebooks. She threw up her hands and headed for the shower.

What are bedbugs and how do you find them?
That’s when I took over. I ran to the bedroom to jump up on the bed to make sure there were not any free wheeling pin spots. The baby bed bugs are about the size of a pin tip and are mostly white or light brown, Not really noticeable. The older ones are about 4-5 mm in length and 1.5-3mm wide.

What are bedbugs and how did I get them?
Now do you want to hear the worst of it? They hitchhike on friendly little folks like me to get into warm places. If I had known this before mom started writing this post, I would have thought of a way to charge for transportation. Just kidding. Well it looks like we both learned something new today from mom’s search for what are bedbugs. To my searching out our bed.

What are bedbugs and how do you stop them?
If you are asking yourself what are bedbugs then you probably want to know how to get rid of the little blood suckers. Managing and removing these pests from your home sounds tricky. You need to vacuum completely any area that you have found their unwelcome butts. In cracks and crevices to just the regular flat floor really well. It’s also recommended to take the vacuum bag out and put masking tape over the hole. Place it outside until you use it again tomorrow. Keep this routine up for seven days. They have a spray that you can use at the vets, if you need to be sure. If you vacuum thoroughly you should feel content that you won’t be housing any critters that you don’t want. There is professionals if you want to go the route of pesticides. I would try this first though. Especially with the economy being what it is.

What are bedbugs and do I have to hire a professional?
Chemicals, pyrethroids, dichlorvos, maslathion have been found to be affective. Although I heard my mom say resistance to chemicals has increased over time due to health issues. If you are looking for more information on the type of beg bug you are dealing with and which remedy is right for your problem go to reddogsite.com/fleas   I put my paw print of approval on this website because my mom owns this.
Here are some stats my Mom found for me.
Eggs are pearl white and only 1mm long
Nymphs are almost translucent and also about 1mm long
Adults are about ¼ inch long and reddish-brown
Mostly nocturnal, but are capable of feeding at any time
Attracted by warmth and carbon dioxide
Live in mattresses, linens, upholstery,
behind wooden trim, cracks and crevices, luggage and wallpaper
Professional hitchhikers on anyone and anything
They feed almost exclusively on human blood
They can survive for more than 1 year without a blood meal
Bites do not hurt, but can leave red marks
Bed bugs are not known to carry disease
Life Cycle
Six life stages (5 immature and an adult stage)
Female can lay 1-5 eggs per day
Eggs hatch in 7-10 days
Egg hatch to maturity is 1½–2 months
Bed bugs shed their skins throughout the multiple stages, leaving a clear, empty


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