Well, Happy Thanksgiving To You All

Hi Sydney the dog here, with another episode of dog blogging. Been a pretty lazy day for me.  My pet human, Mom is out snow blowing  as I sit in my nice warm home and although I know I’m lucky I still feel sad when the holidays come around and think of those that don’t have a warm place anywhere.  I try to remember what my doctor told my pet human, just worry about your own.   I wrote this at thanksgiving and now the 20th of December is when I see it’s still sitting in Drafts. 

My pet human was invited up to my Aunts house for brunch the day before Christmas.  I wonder if she will take me?  I love the quiet in our home and my cousin, Brittany, has a friend for me.   His name is “Bear”. He’s very large compared to me but I hear he’s a whimp. 

My human pet even had to buy him a life jacket for Brittany’s birthday because he was afraid of the water at their camp.  I was saying he’s a whimp but in reality, it’s me.  He scares me because of his size.  On his hind legs he’s as tall as my Grandmother but that’s not saying much.  Grandmother is only 4’8″ and they say she’s shrinking.  Where is she going to go?

Mom’s on her way in so if I get another chance I’ll jump back on this to finish later. P.S. This is a picture of Bear, see why I get intimidated?


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