A New Day, Almost A New Year

Keeping pets warm this winter

Hi Sydney the dog here. I’m certainly glad 2011 is on it’s way out.  Hopefully 2012  will be much more relaxing  for Mom.  I didn’t want you to misunderstand me.  My life is great.  Mom carries me to bed, like she used to my brother.  Covers me up with my special blanket that supposedly she got 50 years ago when she was born.  It actually has held up pretty well considering it’s, I think they called it crocheted.  So  it already has holes in it. My mom knows all the tricks for Keeping pets warm this winter. I may have put one or two in it by being all squirmy and trying to hide.  Then I was all exhausted and desperately needed  to sleep for the next few hours.

Today was kinda cold. Keeping pets warm this winter is important. Generally, I haven’t had to wear my jacket but today I would have froze my tail off if I didn’t have something on to warm me up.  If mom puts it on me and doesn’t go outside herself,  I sometime feel like I have sweat pants and a sweat shirt on and just ran a 5 K.    Anyway…

I’m sitting in, well,  she calls it her office.  I can hear her snoring really loud!  I’m sure glad most of the time I fall asleep before her other wise that ratchet would surely keep me awake.  God knows I need my beauty sleep so that I can look like a real tough contestant during the day. 

Sometimes, it’s a real drag being short.  Other times I don’t even think of the impression I give people.  Just like to be happy and joke with everyone.  Guess I got that from Mom.  She likes to make this womyn, Brenda, that she works with laugh on most days.  That’s what she’s told by Brenda,  anyway.  I don’t get how you  know someone is laughing when you can’t see or hear anything. 

Probably the womyn does not think she is serious about anything.  I will attest that she is, but has to have the right background. After listening to someone snore my eyes are becoming heavy them selves.  I think, no,  I know I’m going to go into the living room, wake up Mom and get carried to bed.   Hopefully I will get some Z’s before she’s back to snoring. Otherwise it’s going to be a very long night. At least it will be a warm night. Good Nite!


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