Rainy Day?

Ever heard the song? “Rainy days will always get you down”?

Brush Dogs Teeth

Hi Sydney the dog here. Do you know how, some days you can feel like the day is not long enough and then there are days like today when all you want to do is sleep?  Mom says, she can’t get out of  her own way. She must be talking to herself.  I know that’s got to be the case because last I knew we were the only ones here. 

That means it’s a good day for indoor chores and unfortunately, that means brushing dogs teeth.   I do like the taste of the special dogs tooth paste she buys.  I guess it’s because I don’t need fluoride, it will make me sick and I need to be able to swallow what ever is in the dogs tooth paste.  People that make it really do a good job.  I giggle because Mom almost gets sick with just the smell.   It taste like meat so maybe that’s why, she doesn’t eat red meat.  Nice enough to give me some from time to time though.

Although, I hate having my dog teeth brushed, it’s a whole lot better than having a dog dental problem and going to the vet. I would much rather have mom brush my teeth then have the vet work on my mouth with all those sharp instruments. I know they try to not screw up and cut you but let’s be serious, mistakes do happen.  Unfortunately, they happen more often when you try to be the most careful.  And I’m not afraid to let you fellow friends or human pets know, I”M VERY SCARED!

Remember to brush dogs teeth before bed. Have a great night and sweet dreams. Mom says, “sleep with the angels”


2 thoughts on “Rainy Day?

    1. I wasn’t speaking for myself. It was my dog and if she didn’t let me brush them on a regular basis, I would be broker thn I already am. But thanks. My sister is my dentist so I don’t get away with just flossing once a week. lol

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