Start Of A New Year

I’m excited and a little afraid of the year that is about to begin.

Hi Sydney the dog here. Well, what an unexpected treat it was that Joey came to see me.  His pet human and my pet human are all worried because of his doctors visit, but you know Mom’s.  I swear they think the worst before they even have us checked out.

I guess his Dr. said something about his coughing that had his human pet all worried.  Human pets can be very weird about things that us dogs see as no problem. Mom was supposed to have a meeting today with some womyn that helps  other womyn doing this business stuff.  She needs to do a Business Plan and had no idea of the steps needed to be taken for this kind of venture. 

My pet human is doing good compared to what most of her Dr.s expected but really had no clue as to what steps need to taken to open an online business.  She was trying to make it on her monthly disability, feed me, my doctor bills along with everything else that goes on in life.  Anyway, she was accepted into this BOND program that helps people make more money and eventually get off disability.  Actually, I think she didn’t have a clue from day one where she would end up and that was supposed to be today.

Jenny, I think her name is,  that Mom said, was sick and sounded so terrible.  I don’t think the womyn understood all Mom had to do was hear her and realize that it just would be ok. Their meeting is next Monday which is a good break for her BOND guy.  He’d known a for at least a few weeks and then told her this morning if he had known last night he would have gone.  Ticked her off so after Jenny called and changed their appointment, she called him right back, told him when the appointment was and that it might be a good idea if he were there.

Well that’s enough about that.  My pet human didn’t think she was going to have time to do the gym but she is in the shower now.    It’s amazing how much that gym changes someones outlook on life.  See you in the AM.


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