Mom’s office is all carpeted

It’s all carpeted and the guy only stayed a few hours.

Hi Sydney the dog here. Good, I’m not partial to strangers especially of that gender.  I have hard enough time with my grandfather and from what I gather he’s very gentle.  Member me talking about mom putting in a bed for me?  Hasn’t happened yet but there is always tomorrow or the next…

She finally hung some stuff on the walls.  She has this old desk that for some reason couldn’t be put in a center of any wall.  I guess because of the way the sun hit it.   At first I don’t think she wanted curtains but I’m thinking now she might be reevaluating that thought because just too me, what do I know,  I’m only a dog.  The room looks very uneven.  Yet this is, from my view point.

Let’s approach the subject cats toying dogs, shall we? Just this morning, Mom wanted to know what I thought about adopting another cat.  She really didn’t ask me expecting an answer so I just gave her that dead stare.  I was thinking to myself, cripes now she’s going to start getting all these animals? I hate cats toying dogs. The last little kitten she brought home after Schooner was gone, ended up gone shortly after it’s arrival. She had to give it to her vet.  The damn thing sat on the top of my crate and wouldn’t let me out.  I thought surely I would get belted with it’s paws on the way out.  Darn thing tried to hit everything that moved! I didn’t need a kittens leg sticking out of my ear. That’s for sure!

Cats toying dogs isn’t the only issue with a adopting a new cat. I was wondering to myself, now that the carpet is down why do we actually need a cat?  Mom has a hard enough time finding the time to spend with me and get her stuff done.  She would need to put in a litter box so that she could train a cat to go in it. That means some of the time she spends with me would need to be spent on cleaning that box out during the day.  She would need to spend time training a cat, to not scratch on everything.  My, I mean our house would just be shredded or time would need to be spent with, not ME 🙂  Some cats make the carpet stink!  I hope she doesn’t ask me again, I may just answer her! I vote “no” cats toying dogs!


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