I’m No Fool

Funny Dog Story

I’m no fool, the weather goes from very warm to extremely cold in less than 48 hours.

Hello Sydney the dog here. Another funny dog story for all my human readers. The weather here can’t make up it’s mind. It goes from being t-shirt and shorts weather to staying in and bundling up.

At least that’s what Mom does. So back to the funny dog story.  She put on my jacket and opens the door for me. There is fluffy wide snow up to my neck. I looked at her like, “are you being serious”?  She didn’t even go out and snow blow a place for me to pee.  Why on earth would she think I wanted to go out there? Get all chilly and snow up my butt? Especially when she hasn’t even gone out to get the snow off the deck or a place in the yard cleared. I can’t even think about walking out and freezing my parts off to pee.

Now who’s crazy?  I hope one of her friends comes over. Maybe Mary, who has a sidekick like myself. If Joey is here I can just use the kitchen floor. Then I can blame it on him. I know to stay off the carpeting and stick to the kitchen floor.  Just makes it easier on her.  Rather than dig out the carpet cleaner, all she needs, is the mop. She fills the sink with warm water and stuff they use to clean the floors.  Mom thinks it’s all part of taking care of me. 🙂

Yea, when I was younger.  I wonder if she’s noticed, when we have company. I feel the need to go outside less if it’s nasty weather. Maybe her thinking does work in my favor.  I’m sure this is going to be a long boring day, hopefully I’ll have another funny dog story to share soon. It’s morning and I haven’t even had lunch yet. Maybe I will have more to say once I get some food in my belly.  PEACE!  🙂


One thought on “I’m No Fool

  1. Ha! It was cold here the other day so I put this cute little fleece Jacket on Wasabi and he froze right in place….wouldn’t move a muscle. After him standing still in the living room for about ten minutes I finally took it off. 🙂

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