Dog Food Ingrediants

Dog Food Ingredients

If you have room mates that you buy their dog food, do you really know what is in it?  I’ve heard mom talking and she gets all nervous if theirs says anything about by products within the side menu. I say side because that is generally where they place all the ingredients. If you as a dog food buyer don’t look at the ingredients you have absolutely no idea what your purchasing and no clue as to what you may be feeding your side kick that could ultimately harm your buddy. They seem to get away with putting all kinds of products in our food and they can actually get away with it! If they were just trying to do that with human food somebody would have to pay. Do you realize just what they put in my food? Let me tell you. To start with they put crushed bone, intestines, teeth anything you can imagine that comes out of the animal that they supposedly make my kind of food out of. I would list all the ingredients but I’m sure I would miss some. My suggestion is start doing your own investigation. I’m positive I’m taken care of better than mom’s owner back when she was 18 or so. More questions, reading and just plain talking to people and there is also investigation. Your Vet’s might be a good start but be careful there. The stuff they sell at the vets well, they are given a promotion for the sale of stuff like that. I’m sure you might think that they have some kind of FDA that stands at the end of the slide that delivers the cans or packages. They don’t. You know how bad the economy is. Why do you suppose we never hear of a dog food place going through bankruptcy? It just doesn’t happen. They can put a little sugar in it so it looks like something different and all we taste is sweet. Yum Yum Just because one may cost more than the other, like Eukanuba over Big Roy that they sell at Wally Word doesn’t mean that those ingredients are any better than you could get at your local dump. At your dump it would be cheaper I believe. And those damn raw hide chews that people give to their buddies. You ever seen what happens when they get wet? They can turn around in our intestines and cost you big bucks to have it removed. You could always save potential money by not giving it to us, we don’t know it will harm us or maybe kill us.


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