Only A Dog’s Perspective

Only A Dog’s Perspective

Hi Sydney the dog here. It’s hard sometimes being the only one in this house that knows what day it is.  I mean really, who would know the changes of the seasons or for that matter the week, month and sometimes the hour within the day.  I know these things because I have had a dog’s perspective on my pets life for over a decade.  She’s been with me longer than any one of my canine counterparts.  When I got her I knew that it would be like those funny vows people make to each other. Till Death Do Us Part.

Woke up this morning and just knew something was going to happen to me today. My dog’s perspective kicked in,  that I was in for a bath.  You know, she forgets so many things but not once was it something I wished she would.   You know how some womyn say they have this thing called “womyn’s intuition”.  I wonder if my dogs perspective is like that?  Only I’m dead on, when I get that feeling of that dog’s perspective like something is going to happen,  it does.  Came home from the gym and although she needed a shower, I got a tubby first.   Joey and I barked about it the last time he was over. 

Joey and his Mom came over to have supper and  we,  me and Joey just went into the office for a little chat.  He generally comes over, checks things out then up on my Mom’s lap he goes.  I generally grab all the loving his Mom has for me, but not this time.  We needed to have a get together talk about our dog’s perspective and how things were going exactly like we thought they should.   I wish our pet’s would understand that we only have their best interest at heart.  They sometimes don’t think or feel that we would do anything in their favor.  They believe that all we think about is ourselves.   So what if things generally work out better for us in the long run.  I mean, after all isn’t that the reason they became our pets anyway?  To test the waters to make sure everything is safe for us.

When I first bought my Mom my dog’s perspective though I was only a puppy felt everything was going to be ok and safe. I’ve always done what I wanted, had almost what I wanted, didn’t include sleeping on a T-bone though. I’d say without any blemishes in my thinking that my dog’s perspective was right on.


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