It Looks Nice Outside

Hello Sydney the dog here, with more Dog Tales in dog blogging world. Well it sure looks beautiful outside with the snow dumped on us last night. Everyone in the neighborhood was out clearing their driveways and looking very cold, while I lounged in my chair and watched.

Ahhhh yes the life of a dog. My human pet, Mom went to the gym this morning but I guess she really didn’t feel like working out, or walking on the tread mill. If I were her, I wouldn’t attempt to do anything. She wakes up falls on the floor and stretches all her joints out before she even attempts to walk to the bathroom at least she’s not leery about falling asleep anymore. Used to be, I’ve heard her and Mary talk that she was soooo sore in the morning that she hated falling asleep the night before.

Well, my buddy Joey and Mary just left. I wish Joey and I were younger. He has some good dog tales from back in the day. When we were in Portland he lived just a couple streets over from my Moms and me. I got to see him on more a frequent basis. Now his Mom and him live just a few streets over but they are moving all the way back to Portland and they are pretty busy most of the time. Well his Mom is anyway.

As dog tales go when we both lived in Portland I had a huge yard to run in with my sisters and of course our brother. Sorry, I’m pretty tired and can’t concentrate on hitting the right keys on this. My eyes are really heavy on keep threatening to close. Good night to you all. Sleep well or as Mom says “sleep with the angels”


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