My Pet Story About Mom

Hello Sydneyru, the dog here.

Well, this is a pet story about my Mom, she had a meeting this morning with Sean Seivert. It almost seems like every time she needs to meet him, he just doesn’t get the fact that if she’s there nothing gets done at home, as far as this goes anyway. He’s thinking maybe she would like to go and get another job some where people will pay her for her time and as far as my pet story goes, I’d be lost and lonely should she have to go somewhere else. I think she has just about had enough of trying things to please others. I know for sure she’s done trying to please anyone except me. After all, it is my pet’s story and I figures as long as she lives without trying to hurt anyone and just goes on about her life, no one will get hurt. Think she’s just tired!

Well, Mom just made a call to the owner of Scheepscot River Pottery and all is well. She becomes so nervous about speaking with people she doesn’t know. This pet’s story needs some humor and if my Mom wasn’t all about having fun I’d have to make something up. This is the ultimate truth though. She had two Karen’s on her phone. Thinking she only has the one she was supposed to call so she called it. You might really believe that this is the part where I make up a great pet story and tell you it was someone in the family. It Was!! She had called her cousin who she used to take care of her parents yard. Well, they moved. see I could have made up a pet story, but this is the real thing. Maybe that’s why she likes to get to know everyone at places like the gym where she can at least offer more than she takes. Wonder if she’s ever thought of that? Probably not and I have this funny feeling she will kill me for seeing more of what makes her, her. Well more than she has ever caught a glimpse of herself. Family says she keeps a pretty close eye on herself. I don’t know how they think they would see more than what I’ve seen, in the last, let’s see, been 11 years now.

I wonder if she will call that place that makes supposedly real diamonds out of hair and ashes. A pet story will tell you she’s looked at there web page and they had jewelry that was very appealing to the eye. Let’s see what happens there. First she needs to find out what time zone they are in. A relatively early bird as far as East Coast time goes. I guess she has already goofed and woken someone up in California very, very early. My pets story is that she doesn’t want to pull that again for sure. She’ll never get anyone that wants to put stuff on her site. I’m positive that my pet story makes it sound so much easier than it really is.
I think I’m going to lay down for a nap. This pet story, although I didn’t have to make any of it up, is exhausting. I live with it and then write about it and she needs the computer now anyway to work with Brenda. See Ya Later!


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