I’m A Lover, Not A Fighter

I’m a lover not a fighter. Mom’s got to write a story on one of her other places on the Internet. Believed she called it Ezine, and I thought maybe I’d do a little blogging to maybe hope she reads it and it might giver her a hand. Makes sense to me, anyway.

I never understood why people like me fight, anyway. Sure we have our disagreements but I’m a lover, not a fighter so I just don’t get it. Most of my Mom’s friends are human pet’s just like she is. We never got or get into liking or not liking someone because they may have done wrong to someone. Now if they do us harm or hurt our feelings then we may dislike them but rarely do we try to get all of our buddies to dislike them too. That’s just cruel and like I said, I’m a lover not a fighter.

Brenda, the human pet, Mom works with from PMI, thinks her bosses, Enzo and Cessa are sorta like myself. Got a couple photos of them just yesterday. I’ll put them on so you can see who I have been referring to. Their photos, look like they are allot like myself, lovers not fighters. It would definitely be nice if I got the chance to meet them, not today though.

Okay, back to what I was saying about being a lover not a fighter. I know I would much rather be touched nice and sweet rather than being knocked upside the head which would only cause a mild form of brain injury, then I would be really like Mom. I would loose all concept of color coordinates, and balance so I wouldn’t look all snazzy trudging abound the block. I couldn’t tell Mom what to wear and someone “needs” me to tell her. She’s horrible at choosing clothes that go together. Although with the colors and patterns they are putting together now a days, I wonder where they get those weird ideas. I think they got that dress code from someone who was really blind and not just color blind. The way they seem to dress, I bet they are like myself, Lover’s not fighters. If not I would imagine they might need to fight just to stay living. Who really could look at them, straight faced and not loose it? What I don’t understand is why people like me and Mom fight over really stupid things and they can’t even remember what the battle was all about. We folks with our pet humans should all be Lover’s not fighters. It would be a much better way to live.

Mom’s a member of A.A.(shh…)I’ve been thinking lately that I might want to start a program just like that. It would be for people who would rather be Lover’s not fighters and I wouldn’t have it anonymous. We could sit and talk about the difficulties with living a nice easy life style with out anyone being hurt or getting the short end of the stick. Maybe you could try just for today living a life where you would rather be lover’s not fighters and see how it felt when it was time to go to bed. Speaking of which, I’m a lover not a fighter and I need to go get some sleep. PEACE OUT! Sydneyru


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