Pet’s Adjusting To New Environments

Hello there, it’s Sydneyru the dog here.

Coming to you live, from Brunswick Maine and have I got a tale of stuff to tell you today. You know how I’ve made comments on Mom wanting another cat. Well she went and did it all right. Some say that “pets need to adjust to their new environment”. I think this thing forgot to read the rules on “pets adjusting to new environments”. I mean Mom just brought him home yesterday. He follows “MY” mother all over the place. Maybe that’s just his way of “pets adjusting to new environments”. No more am “I” the only one that sleeps with her, and he “HOGS” the covers and tries to steal that blanket with all those wholes in it. Remember, ? The one I told you about, that Mom got when she was born. I’m about to go out on a limb and declare if it was up to me…he wouldn’t have made it 5 min after he got past the door. But Mom says he is a pet adjusting to new environments. So I guess that must mean to stop feeling sorry for myself and learn to put up with him anyway. Could be worst, I guess…DON’T KNOW HOW…

Mom just ran to the store, before she left she had cooked some chicken, when it was done she put it on the top to let it cool so we could have it later for diner. I sure hope she wasn’t counting on eating that for dinner, when no one was looking he pulled everything to the floor. What a mess! While he was still trying to clean it up she caught him. I think he knew he was in trouble. He sure took off really fast and I’m thinking to myself. I would have surely got yelled at or something, do they call that, pets adjusting to their environment.

Well my super got ruined by the little jerk. Oh! You really didn’t think I would write about Mom’s chicken if I wasn’t positive that was my dinner he ruined. She can go on about pets adjusting to new environments but if this goes on he’s going to become an outdoor car. Needless to say he is not. At least my brother Schooner went outside to go to the bathroom.
Well, this is Sydneyru signing out, discouraged 🙂


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