Blue Buffalo Dog Food

Hello there, it’s Sydneyru the dog here.

Blue Buffalo manufactures dog and cat food with the goal of providing better nutrition for pets than can be obtained from other pet foods. Because they view pets as members of the family, they seek to provide options for the pet food market that recognize the high value most pet owners place on their dogs and cats.

Nutrition Philosophy
Blue Buffalo seeks to meet the nutritional needs of dogs and cats by including a balance of necessary nutritional components. They use quality protein sources such as lamb, turkey, and chicken rather than seeking to boost protein content with plant proteins. In addition, they avoid allergy-causing ingredients, enabling pet owners to choose a food that not only provides an appropriate nutrition balance but also high quality ingredient sources.

The first ingredient in each variety of Blue Buffalo pet food is a meat of some kind. Meat sources include chicken, turkey, lamb, salmon, duck, and beef. Most foods also include another meat protein source further down the ingredient list in the form of a meat meal.

Next, each food includes a grain or carbohydrate source. Blue Buffalo avoids corn, soy, and wheat which are known to cause allergies in dogs and cats. They incorporate other carbohydrate sources such as barley, oats, and potatoes.

The third ingredient category is healthy fats. Plant-based oil, fish oil, and chicken fat all appear in the ingredient lists of Blue Buffalo foods. They do not include generic animal fat, which may contain lower quality fat sources.

Fourth, most of the food varieties include fruits and vegetables as a source of vitamins and minerals. The foods also contain Blue Buffalo’s exclusive Life Source Bits, which include a variety of nutrients and which are not processed at high heat levels, thus preserving the nutrient value.

Food Varieties
Blue Buffalo offers dry and canned foods for both dogs and cats. In addition to their regular foods, they offer life stage formulas, grain-free formulas, and limited-ingredient formulas designed for pets with food sensitivities.

What Makes Blue Buffalo Different
Blue Buffalo never uses animal by-products, generic animal fats, or by-product meal in the manufacture of their dog and cat food. These ingredient labels provide little information about their actual content and may include bone, blood, hair, feathers, and other undesirable components.

Blue Buffalo also avoids allergy-causing grains such as corn, soy, and wheat. Not only can these ingredients cause digestive problems in dogs and cats, but they also provide little or no nutritional value.

Third, Blue Buffalo never includes artificial colors, flavors or preservatives in any dog or cat food formula.

Compared to other pet food varieties, Blue Buffalo offers higher quality dog and cat foods that place high value on proper animal nutrition. They use better ingredients than other foods and seek to provide these ingredients in a way that is both nutritionally sound and appealing to pets.


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