Did you ever wonder why?

Sydneyru, the dog here.

Mom finally got them to fix the DSL that was I guess all over the place and I also guess that she forgot to set the clocks again. Happens to do that, pretty much a couple times a year. Good thing she isn’t on anyone else’s time they would have to get used to her being late allot!

Mom just read this and left it out while she ran into the shower. Next you will see why I put this in here.


In the afternoon when we’re relaxing at day care, my friends and I often talk about our human pet’s strange behaviors. Here are a few examples:

Why do our human pets remove all their clothes and stand under a waterspout, then put on extra clothes before they go outside in the rain?

Why do our human pets use tools to shovel food into their mouths when they could save so much time by simply lifting the plate to their lips? Must be their tounges are too short.

What do human pets use fire hydrants for?

How do our human pet’s make a dark room as bright as day just by waving a hand on the wall? The “real” question is why do they do it when I’m trying to sleep? When they use the word rude, why do they think that it does not apply to them.

Why do they make “me” go outside to pee while they have no hesitation of peeing in my favorite water bowl?

And finally for this post. Why do they take their clothes off then put other ones on, just to go to sleep? In fact they even have a bedtime ritual. What’s that all about? It’s the same every night. You would think they would get it right so they won’t have to practice anymore.
Signing off, this is Sydneyru


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