Life Of A Cat, My Mom’s

Hey there: Sydneyru the dog here again. Life is finally, challenging me for a little bit. Not only did Mom get a pesky cat, but now he has problems. Go figure, I not only have to share my space in the bed with him but my time and her energy. Can you believe that? I can’t really ship him out and then try to collect ransom, can I? Do you think she would believe that or would she just have a heart attack for loosing a deaf cat. Oh yea, in case I forgot to mention, he’s deaf. So the life of a cat really means the life of a deaf cat which means we really need to adjust this whole house to the life of a cat. I mean what’s he care about? Not getting fed? He’s afraid of the outside and won’t go near the door, guess I really can’t say he just wandered out. hehe If I ever got caught she would surely be mad enough to maybe spank me. Just kidding, never hit me, once. As you can probably tell, I can sure think of things to just drive her crazy in my lil impish way.

Ok, so on to the life of a cat, Brodie. Hers! She finally noticed that he wasn’t breathing so well. Asks her connections on Linked in and one of the womyn thought maybe he had an upper respiratory thing going on. Took him to the vets for the umpteenth time and finally came home with a conclusion and some medicine to fix the life of Mom’s cat. Too bad they couldn’t solve cat problems over the computer. After the vets she had to put him in the bathroom with the shower running to help him breath better. I just wished she’d have asked me to do it. I would not only clean out his sinuses with steam, I would have hung him by his tail right off the shower curtain so he could have dried over time with his hair all sticking out all over the place. That would be the life of My cat!

Well unfortunately Mom needs to use this. Think maybe when I become a star she would buy me my very own? Good question I know. We’ll see and until then this is Sydneyru signing out. Cheers!


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