“Lawsuit against Waggin” Train Treats”

Hello there, it’s Sydneyru the dog here.

Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Nestle-Purina and Walmart over Waggin’ Train Dog Treats

April 19th, 2012 § 28 Comments

A class action lawsuit was filed today against Nestle-Purina maker of Waggin’ Train dog treats by a pet parent who says the treats killed his Pomeranian dog, Cleopatra. Cleopatra became sick only three days after being fed the treats and she died 11 days later of kidney failure.

Dennis Adkins filed the lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Illinois against the Waggin’ Train brand – a subsidiary of Nestle Purina – and Walmart, where he bought the treats.

He says he began giving his 9-year-old Pomeranian, Cleopatra, Yam Good treats a few weeks ago. The treats are made from yams wrapped in chicken jerky, and are manufactured in China, the lawsuit said.
Dog owner files class-action suit claiming treats killed pup

Posted April 19, 2012 5:54 a.m. by WLS Chicago

CHICAGO (WLS) – An Illinois dog owner who claims tainted treats killed his Pomeranian filed a $5 million class-action lawsuit Wednesday against pet food maker Nestle Purina.

Dennis Adkins filed the suit in federal court against the Waggin’ Train brand, its parent company Nestle Purina and Walmart, where he bought the treats this March.

Adkins claims he bought the “Yam Good” dog treats — made of yams wrapped in chicken jerky, and made in China — because the package boasted they were “just wholesome goodness” and “what nature intended.”

But after three days of feeding them to his 9-year-old Pomeranian Cleopatra the dog became sick, the suit said. It died of kidney failure 11 days later, on March 26.

Adkins claims he didn’t give the dog more than the recommended one treat per day, and that his other dog, 9-year-old Pharaoh, didn’t eat the treats and didn’t get sick.

Last November, the Food and Drug Administration warned that some pet owners and veterinarians reported dogs who ate chicken jerky treats made in China became ill, some with kidney failure, and that some died. None of the products were recalled, and no specific brands were mentioned in the FDA warning.

Keith Schopp, a spokesman for Nestle Purina and Waggin’ Train, says the Waggin’ Train products are safe to feed as directed. He declined to comment on the pending litigation.

A Walmart spokesman was not available to comment on the suit Wednesday night.

The seven-count suit claims breach of warranty, unjust enrichment, negligence, product liability and failure to warn. The suit claims the class of potential defendants is at least 100 consumers nation-wide, and that the potential amount of damages exceeds $5 million.


7 thoughts on ““Lawsuit against Waggin” Train Treats”

    1. Dee,
      Thank you so much for reading about the crap that’s sold to our pets. I’m writing a short note to say my dog has a memorial place on her blog to place anything on their you would like to have people remember about your beautiful dog. We would be honored if you would like to put a remembrance of your grl/guy on with a picture if you would like. Sorry for your loss but remember they can out live us all. I think the blogs are forever.
      My heart felt best to you and yours,
      Sydneyru and Jo

    2. I apologize for getting back to you so late. Did you know that you can bring your dog back to life by putting a memorial/tribute to him/her on my blog. It would keep them alive, at least on the internet and in your heart and others. Just a suggestion

    1. Thank you Gizmo. I’ll keep my eyes on you also. You don’t eat that crap do you? Get your Mom to look at the first 5 ingredients because that’s what goes into our food. My mom had to speak to allot of people to find out what is right for me and what keeps me out of the doctors office. And pray she doesn’t ask your vet unless you go to a holistic doctor. My best to you and yours.

  1. I just put down my 3year old dog today. He had liver failure. Never thought…. What I thought, treats he loved, his reward… Now he is gone, way too soon.

    1. I’m so sorry for your unexpected
      loss. I know you have probably heard your share of advise and I’m not even close to being a vet, but I’ve found in my number of years that I should not feed my animals anything that I would not eat myself It sounds expensive and it is .but they are my children by choice. A prayer for your 3 yr. old and you.

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