Therapy Dogs

Hello there, it’s Sydneyru the dog here.

I’m going to tell you about some of the great dogs I read about on the internet. People say they are therapy dogs. I guess because they need to pass several tests and make the human pets sure that they won’t do something out of the way like stealing someones food(?) or knocking them over being too friendly. My brother, the cat I didn’t want and I wouldn’t make very good therapy animals at all. Number 1, I don’t really like strangers, it takes me awhile to warm up to people. Besides, don’t tell her I said this, but Mom’s too dependent on us for being there for her. So back to the therapy dogs. A vet check up is necessary to get all the shots first. They also require them to be somewhat clean and somewhat calm. Remember they are supposed to go into places to make a calming affect. Another reason why I’m home bound, plus I can’t shut my mouth. I’m not comfortable at all with strangers. Womyn are easier but I still get mouthy.
Here are some of the animals I checked out for you. Give you some kind of idea. Meggy
Meggy and Gunner are brother and sister Goldens (golden retrievers) Gunner the brother has been a service dog for four years and decided to drag his sister along after he had two years experience. He’s 92 pounds of gentle love and Meggy, his sister is only 48 pounds. Although, they love going to help others, Meggy also competes in the show dog arena. She’s traveled to Michigan, Ohio, South Carolina and Virginia, Virginia amongst other states and is very well liked and by the sounds of it, does very well. Most of all though she loves playing with little people and her big brother, Gunner.

Then there are my Mom’s favorite dogs, besides me! The shiht-zu is small and pretty much lap size. I’ve never met a shiht-zu that was anything but care free and loving everyone and the attention that goes with it.
They say that she has gone up to a 10 month old and just sat making sure nothing was going to harm the child. I believe it. Isabella has been a therapy dog for about 8 months. As soon as she sees children, her tail, actually the whole end of her starts wagging double time.

If you have read further back in my blog you will see where I wrote about my brother, who I lost and my sisters who we moved away from, were all that breed so there had to be something Mom and her partner loved about them.
Oh yea, when I was a puppy the womyn tried to sell me as one. My legs grew too long and my face just wasn’t right. The receptionist at my vet says I look too much like a Griffy to be confused with anything else. But who really knows what puppies look like when they are amongst a bunch of other breeds. Confusion I think is the word. Mom didn’t care what I was. Of course she just loved me and that doesn’t come with a breed.


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