Back Again Finally

Hello there, this is sydneyru2 here, Almost seems like Mom wasn’t ever going to get me a puter after the other one died. She kept taking it to Best Buy over and over until she finally decided to, as she would say, bite the bullet and get me a new one. It’s not like she doesn’t get the use out of them. She probably works on them about 6 hours a day after she does her gym thing.

The last time I wrote I don’t quite remember too well.

Come to think of it, last night was a terrible scare for us. Mom, being the blind one without her glasses can pretty much get a long in our home with out the glasses. Yesterday however was Brodie and mine’s treatment for fleas. Yea, you guessed right Mom gave me Brodies and gave Brodie mine. I’m a wee bit larger, not much but enough so that there was too much medication for him. You know I never realized just how much that little bit more would make him walk like he was drunk. Not a funny drunk either and he couldn’t get close enough to Mom. Sue at the vets when Mom called and told them what she thought she had done said that we were lucky. It could have wound up to be a very wrong occasion and as much as I have disliked the little twirp, I’d miss him. Seems like we have had him living with us for longer than he’s been here.

Oh yea, Mom took on another job. Watching one more dog. I sure wish I wasn’t as old as I am. This one is only 2 and one of her strides would take four of mine. Her Mother busted her leg and Mom has to go out and run her in the blueberry field.

Sorry I’m ending this so short. I am certainly glad Mom finally got something so I could chat with you. Kinda tell you how my life is or isn’t going. Hopefully I’ll have more to write tomorrow after Mom leaves for the gym. You all have a great evening and as Mom would say, “sleep with the angels”

Bye for now. This is sydneyru signing out.


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