Good Morning,This is Sydneyru the dog here again.

Ticks and mosquitoes could they be secretly infecting your dog. I’m here bringing you some vital information on the care of my well being. Mom took me for my yearly visit to the vets and of course I shook as though she might be abusing me. Maybe because it seems as though every time she took one of my brothers or sisters to the vets when they were about my age, she came home alone. I forget that she does it out of the goodness of her heart. It must be kind of unnerving for her also. Never thought of it that way. You do know it’s supposed to be all about me, right? Anyway, her and Dr. Collins, mom calls her Kerry, had this discussion about animals that test positive for heart worm. Mom’s never been told that someone feels the same way as she does and it is a healthy way to approach the subject of deciding what is best for your friend. Mom can’t see what right and true to keep your pet alive while we do all the suffering.
It’s bad enough to know that they love us and yet expect us to endure the pain of even the gentlest stroke of our fur down the back. A touch that we had always welcomed.

Today this is me signing out and to apologize for not printing this and putting it through earlier


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