What’s been happening

Hey there, this is Sydneyru the dog here. Actually I should say,”coming live from my toes”. Isn’t that what I’m typing with? Sorry I haven’t been on for a bit, Mom took and almost threw this out. It was a sad day here at the house. Mom found out she really couldn’t take on the business she had so wanted to Found her brain was taking leave of absence on what most would say “the senior moment” only she found she was having no time to do much of anything besides wrack her brain and pay people to do such a thing. I think, although I don’t know for sure, that she wants to share her experience about her brain injury and the trial and tribulations that she has had to find her way through. I’m going to continue with this in the hopes that I am able to find some news that’s worthy of the people that might be following me.

I guess I should finally tell you who I am and what I’m all about. I’ve told you about my family. The ones that share my house still and the ones that have passed. I guess I should consider my sisters who did stay with my other Mom in Portland as dead because it’s not thought of that we has people with four legs have any feelings about sisters. Many think that is just a people thing. My Mom’s bf knows to think about her dog Joey, who I told you about, and his feeling about seeing my Mom and of course mwa! Guess we got an email that we will be seeing them this week! YEA for me! I finally get to see Mary and Mom thinks she’s her friend. I think we have a love relationship just like Mom and Joey.

Oh, I forgot to tell you! Mom walked into a perfect job.(non paying of course) She is now working with a project that’s called PAWS. She’s become very involved with visiting the kittens which are feral and she wants to main street them to at least trust humans to some degree. Not too long ago she got her hands on this kitten that was so afraid of everything and everyone but loved and totally trusted Mom. Being the person she is, every one said he missed his brother so she gave him up after adopting him. I think her heart is still broken and come to find out it wasn’t even the brother that wanted him, it was the wife of the guy that took the brother. Another story and I’m sure more will run into her so she’ll have more love to share.

Well I’ve become long winded and I should be going as my paws are becoming quite locked in place. Did you ever realize what torture it is for me to , 1 sit at this table that has a chair that just might be comfortable for humans that have a bend at their waste to sit or 2, the fact that my nails must be the correct length to not miss the darn keys. Just imagine what torture it could be and after you realize the truth you will wonder just how I managed to type more than on paragraph. Well now I’m finally signing out. You have a wonderful evening and hopefully I will be back soon. n Over and out, Syd


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