Just checkin In

Hey there, this is Sydneyru working on Mom’s computer tonight. Don’t think she’ll bug me about using it, she had a pretty nutso’ day. Met someone for coffee I think downtown, came home to take care of me in the way that I’ve become accustomed to and headed out again. The gym is where I think she headed. Hasn’t been there for a few days and I think she might be going through with drawls. I sometimes think if they would allow me inside there, she’d move.

Oh!, If any of you are reading this you might also want to check out her Fan Page on facebook. She follows these holistic vets and more often than not, finds something worth saying. She post’s the article there thinking they might be of use to you. Today, while she was trying to get excited about moving in a forward direction like setting up a Aweber account, making a landing page for a human Diet Solution, building a lead magnet and all that other stuff. She get’s so confused and it’s so easy for her to just stop doing anything. Once there, the process is she puts the computer away so I don’t have access to it until she’s figured out what she’s going to do and how to do it and then a concern crosses her mind about who’s going to help her. Now I did tell you people she pays some company money every month, you would think they would at least put her in the right direction. Blogging for example, they never told her to even read others. She’s been snooping on who she likes what they say and follows what they do and somehow finds out how to straighten out her own work out. Some call it lucky, she just says it’s the way her brain does not work.

Oh did I tell you that she got this damn hamster that’s very very cute. Sometime you will see it scam across the floor when the cat is sleeping. Remember he’s deaf so it’s much to the little girls glory. And when he’s awake she struck around the house in this clear ball that Mom got her. She’s so trusting with Mom, even lets her kiss her little belly or sits on her shoulder and watches T.V. Did you know that hamsters teethe don’t have roots so they just keep growing and that is why they seem to chew on everything.

Oh yea, she still is doing the Ferrell’s, hasn’t brought one home so far yet, still feeding the cat that lives under us and pretty much everything seems to be crazy as usual. Just the way it should be. 🙂
Well this is Sydneyru over and out!


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