“Boy is it a dr…

“Boy is it a drag getting old”

Hey there, It’s finally Sydneyru the dog here!  Coming live from my home in Brunswick.

Mom’s friends just moved in to the neighbor hood and don’t know if I ever said anything but I’m generally not very friendly with people.  Don’t bite but hide in my bedroom(crate with no door) as I was saying, she has this one friend who I absolutely love.  Her name is Evelyn and she just loves me whether I like it or not!  How do you like that?  Her and her gf also have this peOple name Phebe that’s pretty cool and comes spend time with me.  So I guess I’m making out whether I want to think so or not.

Took me to the vets again and I guess it was a good thing. I now have this thing called cushings disease, whatever that is.  I know I sleep allot and drink my  fare share and along with that you know what goes with it. YUP, peeing and I’ll be damned if I’m going to claim responsibility for that!  Actually, I think Mom is doing a good job although she wants me to wake up and move when I’m having the most delightful dreams.  I have made, I think 2 mistakes and to her benefit I’m going to say she was probably just tired and not thinking cuz they happened accidentally on purpose in bed. hehe  Of course I was not on the covers but was right in the bed so after rushing me to the door, she had to strip the bed and well you know how to change a bed.  Just imagine doing it zonked and she didn’t even forget me outside.   Is that a good Mom or what?

Today is the 4th of July so there will be parades, fireworks and carnivals.  I never did well on these days and I have had the experience of 13.  I wonder if I will hear all the noise this year?  I generally freak, my my hearing has gone and I don’t think hearing aids are going to be purchased for me.  Maybe I won’t be irritated with you people’s noise of screaming and having a good time or those damn fireworks that you seem to think are so glorious but freak me and my buddies out.   She stopped going to fireworks when she had Crystal a few dogs ago so it really hasn’t been her interest.  I wonder if she will go tonight?  She’s early to bed ad pretty early to rise so I doubt it.

Well, gotta go the bathroom again, or Mom thinks so.  I’ll be back barking at you later.  It won’t be the amount of time as was this last one.  Life keeps happening and you sometimes can’t move around it.  I apologize yet again.

See ya


3 thoughts on ““Boy is it a dr…

  1. Hi, Sydneyru. Glad to meet you! I’m so sorry about the Cushings Disease. My brother Toby fought it also. Mom called him Sir Pantsalot. And I hope your fireworks were not as awful as ours. I never was bothered before, but last night was the worst. I finally crawled under Mom & Dad’s bed.

    1. Hey there Sage,
      Love the name, short and sweet and to the point!
      Does your mother maybe have some things my Mom can look out for. She is also going to write to Dr. Karen Becker and ask if there are things she should be looking for. Nice of you ro write so thank you and I will be looking forward to our lil conversations later. What toy do you like best?

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