My friend is here

Hey there, this is Sydneyru the dog here again and coming live from a small city on the East Coast called Brunswick.  Or did I already tell you that little bit of information?  This is not another story about me and my Mom.   Aww, who am I kidding, I just like to brag about how well my Mom really does take care of me. This week Mom and me  have Phebe as a guest while her Mom’s are in other states for a couple weeks.  One of her Mom’s works in Oregon and the other is visiting family in Connecticut..  This week Mom and me got her. Do have to tell you that Phebe was so excited to see my Mom come in the door that I almost thought she would pee herself.  Even I don’t go through those extremes.  Probably because I know it will happen again and again and why should I let Mom know I’m all that excited?  She might even think she has me whipped or something like that.  My brother, who I need to tell you I’m used to by now, remember when I didn’t even want him here?  Well, it definitely has gotten better.  He thinks I don’t know but he waits until he thinks I’m asleep and plops his grey furry self in the middle of my four legs.  I know I snore, I hear Mom talking about it to her friends, says she needs someone making noise, snoring, for her to get comfortable and fall asleep.  When we lived in Portland with my other Mother  Mom  had all six of us snoring an harmony so I wonder if my brother and I do that also. 

I wonder if Mom has photos of my brother and Phebe on this/  If she finds this I’m sure she will put photos on here to show you who exactly I’m talking about.  Phebe is a small dog but very muscular.  Looks like Mom takes her to the gym with her in the morning.  She’s firm, in shape and loves my Mom, she also loves me and my brother so lets just say… she fits real well in our family.  I think, although I haven’t spoken to Mom that “we”are real grateful that her family moved in to our neighborhood.  I know that when they need ANYTHING or we need anything it’s provided as lng as it doesn’t hurt them, Mom or anyone else.  Pretty good feeling, don’t you think?  With that I think I will close for now.  Day is crawling along, woke up at 3, got allot done with allot more to do this afternoon and it’s only 9:30ish.   I won’t forget you like I have before.  I’m using one of Mom’s calendars with hopes that she leaves the right one out cuz sure as sh__,I don’t know where she keeps everything.  Around this place it could be in any nook and cranny.  We have a trailer that is only 54’long so Mom make use of every inch.  Should have seen it when she decided the walls needed to come down, WHAT A MESS!  That’s another story in itself so for n0ow I will close wishing you and yours a very great day.  You do know the trick to living a happy life don’t you?   Love some thing about everyone and your day will be better than you every expect!  Bye for now… This is Syd signing out.


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