Hey there, it’s me sydneyru2 again…

Just checking in and as you realize without my telling you, me and Mom have gotten terribly busy.  She was on the computer and finally I had to say something about my using it less and less.  She has hooked up with some people that, well we’ll see how it goes.  Today is the first launch of a program that she is starting with about 5 others from all over the world.  She was very happy and met this guy with cancer and they got along real well.  I think it helps her to know she is not alone.  She also opened a store that I don’t think is going very well and she should be shutting it down instead of holding on for dear life.  It’s an Amazon store with the name of reddogsite.com.  It’s not like she even thinks she going to make 50.00.  That’s why I haven’t had her computer.  She just tries too damn much and doesn’t really succeed at anything. Oh well.

Got to get off this as she has to be there for the launch of the beginning.  Maybe I will let her get on and tell you what happened.  Nope, this is my blog and I just got back.


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